Well , to introduce myself , i am a medical student in his 4th year and about to become a doctor in next 2 years Why i m here ? because i love to share my experience with other people and listen to others’ experiences and having the exchange of beneficial ideas .

Blogging , i have found , is an effective method to share your views on certain ideas and experiences to a bigger audience and to get their feedback also in order to learn from them. The field of biography was originated because people were fond of knowing how others react to those instances which almost everyone face in their lives , whether its the life of a leader , a laborer or any other ordinary person .

Blogging has digitalized and replaced the means to quench that quest of biography in a diligent manner . Of course , it informative part cannot be ignored too . That’s the reason i m here and i believe everyone has some part of this reason behind their relation with blogging.

The medical tips and discussions is my main field of speciality , of course. But i like to talk and share my views about the topics which are usually related to self-help and its my interest in the latter part that has convinced me to choose the name of my site as self-help.Mostly , what you would find on this blog is

  1. Health tips
  2. Motivational talks
  3. Steps to do simple chores in an excellent way
  4. Talk about importance of things

    This is all from my side . Hope to see your views about it .


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