The successful people of all times has 3 qualities in them. it is impossible to achieve success without these qualities.

No man in the world , whether he was a super-genius , a photographic memory man or had a supersonic brain gained success if he was not used to hard working.

Hardworking , whether mental or physical is necessary for getting success.


Yes , patience !!!

Those who don’t have patience , can’t succeed . Let me substantiate it with a research .

In 1960 , there was a teacher named Walter Mitchell , he distributed 100 candies to a class of 100 students and ask them that if they eat it after 10 mins , they will get another candy. After saying this , he put invigilators on them and went out of the class. 10 mins later , when he entered in the class , he came to know that there were 7 students who had the candy before the 10 mins and there were 11 who didn’t give a damn about the candy for 10 minutes and keep doing their work. The other 82 were those students who kept talking about the candy and were desperately waiting for those 10 minutes to over . They were talking like ,”what’s your candy’s color ? ” , ” who’s candy is bigger ? ”

Walter Mitchell noted the data of these students and approached them after 30 years . What he saw was those 7 students who didn’t wait for the time to finish were in jail , old home or begging on the roads . Those of 82 students were living average life while those of 11 students were highly successful in their life . Then , at the end of research , he wrote a sentence , ” A person who cannot wait for 10 mins in his life cannot get success .”


I usually think of it in 2 ways . It is ” response of your abilities to any event/happening ” or it is ” your ability to response ” .

Different people facing same circumstances have different results. For Example , one person will beat other on scolding while second person will work hard to make other realize that how much big mistake he has done.

It is the sense to take positivity of every happening and leave back the negativity of it.


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