Who is my ideal reader ??

This blog is about who is my ideal reader in my view ?  Which type of audience is my target to influence ? Well, I want to influence those who are struggling everyday in achieving their goals and are stuck up by the common problems , now to get rid of these problems they are searching the web to find their answer. For example , the problem may be lack of focus , a question why am I doing , what i m doing ? what should be my work ethic etc.

I want to help these kind of people because these problems are not mentioned with their solutions in common stuff , neither we frankly share it with many people so we find out its solution on the internet and I believe blogging is one of the main feeder in solutions of these problems.

And that person is my ideal reader who wants to get benefit from my blog practically to get the thing what he/she has desired of.


Help yourself to be what you want to be.