Today , I am going to discuss a few things which are going to help you in applying the mind palace technique in your studies and make remembering easier than ever. Most of you would ave heard about the mind palace technique in the Sherlock Holmes series or in the Mentalist season.sherlock






First of all , a brief review about the steps of technique of mind palace told by memory champions everywhere .

  1. Chose a place in your mind with which you are familiar or make up a place in your mind . It totally depends on you.
  2. Recognize the spots in that particular selected place and give them numbers to get the number of spots you need . e.g in case of your house , door is a spot , hallway is a spot , window is spot etc.
  3. Now , the main part , pick up the keyword of a phrase or if you are remembering a list of items then pick up a particular item and turn it into a picture . e.g water for the name ” WALTER “.
  4. Fix this picture to a spot in your mind palace in a colourful , lively and dynamic way . e.g , if the spot for water is the door of your house , then a gigantic wave of water smashing your front door could be the way of imaging it.
  5. And finally give it a review simply to fix it .

Now , where does the problem come in implying it to studies . Let me mention the problems in a numeric way too.

  1. Students have to memorize the things which are not registered in their minds yet in contrast to memory champs who, in competitions , usually memorize the things which are already registered in their minds. e.g , A student memorizing , say Newton’s Laws of Motion while memory champs usually memorize , a list of numbers , a deck of cards etc.
  2. Students cannot make pictures of all the stuff they need to memorize , it will take much longer time than cramming it and it would not stick too.
  3. Students need much more mind palaces as their requirement is not to use it for a short term memory . They need the thing in their long term memory . What does it mean ? It means for memorizing every piece of information , you need a new mind palace . Soon , the students will run out of palaces if they are in habit of establishing their palaces properly.
  4. Even if you have perfectly made your mind palace about a topic , it hinders you from understanding it completely . Even the current memory champion Alex Mullen has admitted it. ( Alex Mullen )
  5. Storing your information in a mind palace does not mean that it will stick always in your mind . Normally , you forget almost 70 % of what you have learnt the very next day but in case of mind palace , you forget a major chunk of the info after 4-5 days if you don’t revise it . So , it’s a common misconception about the memory palace that you don’t have to revise it .Of course , it needs revision but less times as compared to simple cramming.

At the end , the major motive for this article . By experiencing and practicing this mind palace , I have learnt a few things which will help students especially in using the Mind Palace technique.


  1.  Before using the technique , just read the topic , get its main idea and absorb the crucial terms in it . e.g , in my case if I am reading diseases of external ear , first I will get myself familiar with its terms like wicks , ear toilet , otomycosis etc.
  2. Now , there is no need to make the location before reading the topic . Read the topic , and make the location spontaneously by modifying the name of the topic so that whenever you hear the name of that topic , all the related things pop up in your mind , you don’t have to make effort in remembering that where have I stored this topic and where is that topic . The palace should always be in relation to the topic’s name. e.g  , in case of theory of relativity , use the home of your most favourite relative.
  3. Only use the keywords to store in your mind palace , never try to picturize all of the topic . It will ruin the palace .
  4. Make the pics bizarre and in MOTION ( it’s very much fixing ) and try to make a story relating all the pics together.
  5. And finally , do the same revision technique with it which you should do with each of the topic you learn . Revise it immediately , then revise it at the end of the day , after that within a week , then within a month and at the last within 6 months .
  6. Anki is best flash cards software for it .( Anki )

It will make the topic registered in your long-term memory.

Do give your feedbacks about this analysis.