Recently , I have seen a post ” PEACE IN ALL YOU DO” which was quite inspiring and urged me to give a thought to the idea of PEACE . So , I thought that I should share it here with you all.

Here is the link of that short but witty blog : PEACE IN ALL YOU DO

What I think of PEACE revolves around the inner state of mind . It’s not related to the outer world because I believe that inner mind/world which is attributed to the emotions and ideas and thoughts revolving in our mind , these are the cause of what we are seeing today in the world . So , If we want to improve the standards of outer world , we have to improve the standard of inner world. Improvement was , is and will never be related to the scientific , intellectual or economic progress of the society , it’s just a misconception. Peace is totally related to one single fact : HOW MUCH A PERSON , A NATION IS CAPABLE OF CONTROLLING ITS BAD EMOTIONS .


And one interesting sneak peek to the control of BAD EMOTIONS , it can never be controlled by intellect . In fact , the most recently evolved part of the brain which makes human different from all the animals ” THE PREFRONTAL CORTEX ” is the first tissue to shut off after the attack of emotions. So , how are we supposed to get peace . Because , we were supposed to be hopeful from our intellect but science has doomed our hopes from this option . Whats the way-out ? Where is the way-out ?


Now you all will tell me , a junkie , when I say that fear lies under the category of GOOD EMOTIONS along with love . FEAR is the only weapon which helps you to avoid the BAD EMOTIONS  by believing in its consequences . We all know the consequences , but believing and then getting frightened from doing fornication , doing excessive drinking , doing fraud will save us from the feeling of guilt and put us into a state of peace.