To gain excellence , first of all your are supposed to find out two things for you.

1. Choose one task among the many floating in your head . How to do it ? Let me help you . Pick up a pen and paper and draw a line in the center of the page . Now write all the tasks which you are planning to do on the left side and on the right side , give each of them one number out of 10 depending on the need, benefits and outcomes of task . Now , select the most important one of them .

Why i cannot do all the tasks simultaneously ? why i need to choose one of them to gain excellence in it ?

Researchers have answered it for you . Its called , ” THE SPILLOVER EFFECT ” . What the heck is it ? This effects says that when you achieve success in one task , it acts as a spillover of confidence , positive energy and activeness in your other tasks . In other words , it acts as a potential source of motivation for you .

2. Try to find out why are you doing that selected task ? What will be the consequence of that task ? Are the consequence beneficial for me ? Am i doing it with my own choice ? Asking these questions to yourself will give you a strong reason to achieve that task .

NOW ! Once you have chosen your task , goal or whatever it is ! There are three steps to not only gain it but to ace it .


Know Thyself is an ancient word of Greek times . The first meaning Greeks attributed to it was , ” know that your destiny is written by gods and you cannot go beyond it “. Socrates changed its meaning altogether . He said that it means to know yourself , know the surrounding and use it to make the world a better place.

What i mean by ” KNOW THYSELF ” here is to know your potentials and weaknesses pertaining to that specific task . e.g , if you want to be a good batsman , judge yourself , ask yourself about your stamina , your ball-sense , your flexibility and other things . It will help you to focus your effort into paths which are much more useful than doing effort without knowing these.


Now , there is a stat alert i want to share with you that all the people do multi-tasking in about 50% of their tasks. Is it harmful ? Of course not , it’s just hindering you to give your 100 % and giving 100 % is what you need to gain the excellence.

So , what you need to do now , you need to define your time which you are going to give to your goal and you are not going to do anything except doing effort for your goal in that time. Stay focus for your goal like a child is when playing his game , like a philosopher is when thinking of a revolutionary theory , like that football striker who is going to play the last decisive penalty shot . It will surely boost your outcomes.

3. Hard Work

What  ? Hard work ? Man ! I already know that . Yeah , i believe in you but what i need to do is to understand a proportional relation for your sake .

Hard Work is directly proportional to your success . Whether the effort is physical or mental . You need to believe that the more i do hard work , the greater will be the success. Guess what , all the scientists of all scientific fields tried to find the shortcut for success but , sorry , they failed !

So , you need to work as hard as you can to give your maximum because only that’s when you can achieve the maximum.



The successful people of all times has 3 qualities in them. it is impossible to achieve success without these qualities.

No man in the world , whether he was a super-genius , a photographic memory man or had a supersonic brain gained success if he was not used to hard working.

Hardworking , whether mental or physical is necessary for getting success.


Yes , patience !!!

Those who don’t have patience , can’t succeed . Let me substantiate it with a research .

In 1960 , there was a teacher named Walter Mitchell , he distributed 100 candies to a class of 100 students and ask them that if they eat it after 10 mins , they will get another candy. After saying this , he put invigilators on them and went out of the class. 10 mins later , when he entered in the class , he came to know that there were 7 students who had the candy before the 10 mins and there were 11 who didn’t give a damn about the candy for 10 minutes and keep doing their work. The other 82 were those students who kept talking about the candy and were desperately waiting for those 10 minutes to over . They were talking like ,”what’s your candy’s color ? ” , ” who’s candy is bigger ? ”

Walter Mitchell noted the data of these students and approached them after 30 years . What he saw was those 7 students who didn’t wait for the time to finish were in jail , old home or begging on the roads . Those of 82 students were living average life while those of 11 students were highly successful in their life . Then , at the end of research , he wrote a sentence , ” A person who cannot wait for 10 mins in his life cannot get success .”


I usually think of it in 2 ways . It is ” response of your abilities to any event/happening ” or it is ” your ability to response ” .

Different people facing same circumstances have different results. For Example , one person will beat other on scolding while second person will work hard to make other realize that how much big mistake he has done.

It is the sense to take positivity of every happening and leave back the negativity of it.