Daily Prompt: Waiting

via Daily Prompt: Waiting

Waiting is the most unease providing thing , i must say. It is an integral part of everything big in this world . you are in love , you engage in waiting for your lover , unintentionally. You have set a goal in your life , hard working never gives you the prompt results , you have to wait for the outcomes. You have to wait to get big , to run after your dreams and to seek the opportunity .

Why does waiting exist there in the world ? Why we don’t get instantly what we need ? My views are that its for maintaining the worth of things . Only those things in the world has worth which are not instantly and freely available. Sunlight , a free blessing , we don’t know its worth because we don’t have to gain it by means , we don’t have to wait for it , it’s always there for us from the start of our life till the end . On the other hand , success , money and all the other worth-achieving things would not be worth-achieving if we don’t have to get them by struggle , if we don’t have to wait for them .

Real worth of things are realized when we wait for them . Only , when we are waiting for something , we come to realize whether this thing is worth-waiting or not . So, waiting is also a handy tool to check the worth of things. Sometimes , we rush after things not realizing whether we even need them or not . Waiting helps to guess this. The more you need a thing , the more you will be willing to wait for it. Its a simple way to judge the importance of things.

So , what are the side-effects of waiting . It brings you in a time-frame in which you are not living . What do i mean by this ? True waiting does not allow you to live the present , it keeps itself alive by forcing you to live in the past moments you spent with the thing you are waiting for or for the thing .

So, this is what i see waiting as … Share you views about waiting in below comments.